What are the Types of Die-Cutting & Finishing?

There are a wide variety of dies that can be used when manufacturing a label, the style you choose will depend on how your label will be used and applied.

The most common method of cutting labels is a die–cut.

Die-cut labels can come in any shape, i.e. round corner rectangles (rcr), circles, square corner rectangle, ovals, starbursts and just about any special shape you can come up with.

Butt-Cut Labels are rectangular square cornered labels separated from each other by a single straight blade cut. There are no gaps or extra liner around the label.

Sheeted labels can be pressure sensitive or non-pressure sensitive.

Non-pressure sensitive labels are supplied in stacks either shrink wrapped, bound, bagged or supplied in an approved carton. Some sheeted tags use an air eject die to remove the hole.

Pressure sensitive labels, (labels with adhesive) can again be any shape but are supplied on individual sheets, generally with the matrix removed for easier application.

The most common presentation of labels is rolls. Labels are spooled onto a core with a preset amount. You can request the number of labels you prefer on a roll or the Max OD, (outside diameter) your equipment can handle.